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Women's Health Community Engagement Task Force 

This task force was created to help engage Duke faculty and staff in the ongoing efforts to improve the health of our local community.

Striving to improve the care for our patients and our community through our work, this group is led by Dr. Connie Kim, a breast radiologist at Duke, and Dr. Jennifer Plichta, a breast surgeon at Duke and Coordinator of the community event "What's Best for Breasts?".

Task Force Members include:

Connie Kim, MD Jennifer Plichta, MD Valarie Worthy, RN
Samantha Thomas, MS Ilona Stashko Awanya Caesar
Kearston Ingraham, MPH Tara Ilsley Kathy Trotter, DNP
Angelo Moore, PhD, RN Shelley Hwang, MD Tina Piccirilli
Nadine Barrett, PhD Sherry Wright Sarahn Wheeler, MD
Neha Pagidipati Ola Aloba Xiomara Boyce
Jay Baker, MD Melissa Daubert, MD Brittany Chapman
Kathy Kastan Kevin Oeffinger, MD Laura Svetkey, MD
Cheyenne Corbett, PhD Karen Johnson, MD Fred Johnson
Jennifer Gierisch, PhD Brittney Wooten Holly Hough
Gayathri Devi, PhD Gretchen Kimmick, MD Karen Goldstein, MD
Jackie White, NP